Aadhaar judgment: What needs to be linked, what does not need to be linked; Here’s everything you need to know

The Supreme Court today gave its decision on Aadhaar act. The Supreme court announced Aadhaar as constitutionally valid but in addition it isn't required for many services that were already requesting it. The list of services for which Aadhaar isn't required and the ones for which it is required is also declared.

Aadhaar judgment: What needs to be linked, what does not need to be linked; Here’s everything you need to know

The Supreme Court told that it isn't compulsory currently to link bank accounts and mobile numbers with Aadhaar. Additionally, Also, you don’t need Aadhaar when opening a bank account or getting a new SIM card or taking any government examination. However, it is still mandatory to link Aadhaar with PAN.

Previously, the government of India made it compulsory to link Aadhaar with several services like mobile numbers and banks. Notwithstanding, the court stretched out the due date to connect Aadhaar until the point when it gives a decision. Today, the Supreme Court's decision came and it has struck down Section 57 of Aadhaar act that allows private companies to use Aadhaar.

Here is the list of services for which you won't require Aadhaar and furthermore those for which you will still require Aadhaar.

Where Aadhaar isn't required 

1 . Above all else, linking Aadhaar with mobile numbers is not mandatory.

2 . Aadhaar isn't required for banking services or opening a bank account as well.

3 . Aadhaar is also not required to appear in entrance examinations conducted by CBSE, NEET, or           UGC.

4 . The private companies including telecom companies and digital wallets can't request Aadhaar             information.

5 . Aadhaar isn't required for school admissions as well. Also, children who don’t have Aadhaar               cannot be denied any benefit.

Where Aadhaar is required 

1 . Linking of Aadhaar with PAN card is as still required and it is additionally required for allotment       of Permanent Account Number.

2 . Aadhaar is additionally obligatory for filing IT returns.

3 . Aadhaar is also required for availing government facilities like welfare schemes and subsidies.

The Supreme Court's decision additionally included that biometric information will not be shared to any private office without the consent of the court. The court expresses that Aadhaar enables every one of the segments of society and gives them an identity and asks the central government to introduce a robust data protection law as ahead of schedule as could reasonably be expected.

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